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FFL students meet with employer: E-learning Material Development Skills and Working Opportunities

Dr. Nguyen Truong Sa

FFL-Mar 29 2018, Attaining a whole development in terms of knowledge, skill, and attitude is always the objective of IUH and the Faculty of Foreign Languages. In order to achieve this goal, one of the methods is making the training program practical to match with the demands of learners and employers. In the training program, FFL students will have opportunities to meet with employers in education, training, and English language to see what the employers are doing and what they are requiring on new graduates.

On Mar 29 2018, a workshop to train FFL students on e-lesson design was organised in IUH by Alphaworks Learning Vietnam (the subsidiary of Dioworks Learning in Singapore). Dioworks and Alphaworks offer e-solutions for organisations to integrate learning, training, and assessment of work-based competencies via blended learning strategies. In the workshop, the partcipants was consulted on hints to make their power point presentations more beautiful and effective. After that, Mr. Bryan Tay from Dioworks Learning addressed the students the internship and working opportunity with Alphaworks.

                     Mr Bryan Tay (Dioworks Learning) and Dr. Sa (FFL-IUH) at the workshop

Mr Bryan is talking to FFL students about internship and working opportunities at Alphaworks

r Bryan Tay and FFL students after the workshop

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