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Training workshop for FFL lecturers: Teaching with multimedia equipments and interactive smart TV

Dr. Nguyen Truong Sa

FFL-Mar 24 2018, Although more technology devices have been integrated into FFL classroom for over a semester, their use for teaching and learning still remains some challenges. Due to the needs of FFL lecturers, last weekend, a training workshop was organised by JSC Morningstar Device Solutions to support them in these innovative skills. Morningstar is an importer, distributor of solutions for modern, intelligent technology to education sector in Vietnam. In the training workshop, the lecturers were guided to operate interactive smart TV and Syncam software for presenting lessons, organising classroom activities, lauching and managing exercises, live testing and assessment. The lecturers were all sastified with the training outcomes and were expected to use these equipments more effective in their class.

FFL teachers at the training


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