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FFL Alumni Conference 2018

As a part of quality enhancement activities, a conference was held by the Faculty of Foreign Languages to meet its alumni and collect their feedback on the training programs they had received. During the discussion, the former students expressed a lot of their feelings and viewpoints on the strengths and weaknesses of the old programs and their learning outcomes. Many suggestions for the revised program in 2018, which is going to be applied for the next cohorts, were also provided. At the end of the conference, the trainees talked about their current jobs and positions and their requirements so that the trainers could understand more about what should be prepared for their students. The conference came to an end with a cozy get-together between old teachers and students where memories were shared and wishes were given.

Some images taken from the conference:

Flowers were sent from the alumni to the Faculty of Foreign Languages on the occasion of the meeting.

The feedback was noted in the handouts for the discussion and the later-on collection

FFL lecturers were happy to see their old students again.

FFL lecturers were happy to see their old students again.

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