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FFL Lecturers at Propell Teacher Workshop

To update the English lecturers on the new format of the TOEIC Test and TOEIC-oriented teaching method, IUH sent them to Propell Teacher Workshop for the TOEIC Test, offered by IIG Vietnam - the official representative of the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The workshop took place on IUH main campus and lasted three days from June 1st to 3rd, 2018. This is an intensive teacher training course designated for teachers that helps consolidate and accumulate more specialist knowledge as well as teaching experiences.

After experiencing a TOEIC test in the new format at IIG Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City Branch on May 31st, the English lecturers of IUH Faculty of Foreign Languages spent three days joining the TOEIC teacher training course conducted by two highly-qualified facilitators, Ms. Ngọc Lan and Mr. Trọng Khôi, who are trained, assessed and certified by ETS. The content of the course covers (1) knowledge of international language proficiency scales, (2) introduction of TOEIC test structure (classic and redesigned) with the main focus on the new format updated in 2018 by ETS, (3) intensive training about each section of the test including detailed introduction, (4) teaching methods to help students prepare for the TOEIC test, (5) suggestions and tips for effective lessons to motivate students, (6) evaluation, assessment and testing criteria, and (7) practising giving lectures on TOEIC orientation.

All the English lecturers were so excited about what they could learn from the training course that they showed their enthusiasm for raising numerous questions related to TOEIC- oriented teaching method in the discussion session in hope of helping their students obtain 250 TOEIC after the first academic year, 350 TOEIC after the second academic year and 450 TOEIC before graduation to meet the output requirements of IUH. The two facilitators helped them master plenty of effective teaching strategies. At the end of the training course, the workshop participants were awarded with the Certificates of Completion by IIG Vietnam.

For the English lecturers of IUH Faculty of Foreign Languages taking part in the training course, needless to say, this is a valuable opportunity for them to be equipped with practical knowledge and skills which they can apply to their TOEIC- oriented teaching and then improve their teaching quality to get IUH students well-prepared for the TOEIC test.

Below are some photos from the workshop

Attentively listening to the lectures given by the facilitators

Discussion session

Eagerly asking questions regarding TOEIC-oriented teaching method

Participants in the TOEIC Propell Workshop receiving Certificate of Completion

Content: Hoang Thi Phong Linh

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