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Speaker: Phan Trong Khoi, MA in Applied Linguistics 

At present, Vietnamese companies are increasingly using the TOEIC/IELTS as a measure of English ability in the consideration of hiring and advancement. In response, many universities in Vietnam have introduced TOEIC/ IELTS preparation courses into their English curricula. However, teaching a TOEIC/ IELTS course that satisfies everyone involved can be challenging. Many teachers, including teachers at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, IUH, sometimes feel tired of teaching unmotivated, struggling students. The main purpose of this workshop is to enhance FFL teachers’ self-efficacy to overcome that negative feeling and become successful teachers of English for exam.

In the workshop, Phan Trong Khoi, an IIG certified teacher trainer and experienced academic director, will present great ways to increase student engagement in a TOEIC or IELTS class and spark learning in a fun way. Khoi states that successful teachers of English for exam cannot avoid focusing on specific items in order to ensure that their students achieve higher scores during standardized tests. However, teaching for exams does not by any means equate to dull, boring, dry lessons. Khoi will provide expert advice on how teachers can create meaningful learning experiences by adopting a student-centered approach to instruction and by using technology. Overall, it goes without saying that motivated learners are better able to retain and apply the knowledge that they learn in the classroom.

Date: August, 11th 2018

Venue: V8.5

Mr. Khoi's CV:

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