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Frequent meeting of FFL’s Student Union

The event was within the framework of the on-going meeting of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Faculty of Foreign Languages, Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh city.  

The meeting was chaired by the Secretary M.A Tran Duy Tuan, standing members of the FFL’s Youth Union and Student’s Association. Much more importantly, this meeting also saw the presence of vice dean Ed.D Nguyen Truong Sa, who is going to consult the FFL’s Youth Union in the coming time.

Speaking at the meeting, members uated the completed activity movements last summer, including Green Summer Volunteer Campaign, National University Entrance Exam Support Campaign. Also, in the meeting, they discussed the strong points of the FFL’s Student Union, which should be maintained, and pointed out drawbacks of the youth movements and limitations such as lacking of members in the union, financial issues, assistance.  

Addressing the meeting, the vice dean highly valued FFL’s efforts in the past few years in its role of the reliable organization of students. “The faculty will strongly support the FFL’s Student Union to enhance and force policies, practical movements, educational competitions”, he emphasized.

To conclude the meeting, the Secretary and members reached agreement about taking comprehensive and timely measures for upcoming activities, supporting FFL’s English Club.


Tran Duy Tuan (Secretary M.A)

Le Nguyen Minh Thu (DHAV13A)

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