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Virtual English Language Fellow (VELF) Jan- Aug 2022/ Industrial University HCMC, Faculty of Foreign Languages

It's good news to announce that FFL's application for a Virtual English Language Fellow submitted by Dr. Nga Phan, Vice-Dean, has been accepted by The U.S. Mission in Vietnam’s Regional English Language Office (RELO Vietnam). A virtual project kick-off meeting was organised at 9:00 AM Tuesday, December 28 among U.S. Consulate General HCMC,  an English Language Fellow, and FFL Vice-Dean and staff  to discuss teaching schedule, syllabus, textbooks, co-teachers’ roles and duties, grading/assessment and other virtual classroom matters.

About the Virtual English Language Fellow: Douglas Lev is a veteran ESL/EFL instructor. He  prefers to be called “Frank”. He possesses a MA in TESOL/Applied Linguistics from San Francisco State University (2003), in addition to BA degrees in Physics and Music Education. Douglas spent 14 years teaching abroad, primarily at universities in Korea. During that time he taught grammar, academic writing as well as oral communication skills. Regarding his domestic experience, Douglas taught adult ESL in California for 12 years during the 1990s and early 2000s. He is passionate about music, video, and, as a member of Toastmasters, incorporating his expertise in public speaking into his classes.

Here are some photos of the virtual project kick-off meeting.

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